Cats are not only smart but also cute

The cat is a master of disguise, so it’s no surprise that the world’s most adorable animals are also masters of deception.

Here are some of the most obvious ways cats make their mark on the world.


The cat’s ears are a lot bigger than your average dog’s: A cat’s ear canal can stretch to two meters (six feet) across, making it the longest human ear in the world, but the cat’s tail also stretches over a foot in length.

That’s the size of a basketball.

Cats also have long tails that can stretch down to a quarter-inch (16mm).

They also have ears that are so long that they can be a foot or more in length, making them even longer than their heads.

If you’re like us and have your ears down, the ears can be quite noticeable, but they’re also perfectly natural and the ears have been a huge part of cats’ everyday life for millennia.


Cats are the fastest of all the mammals: A study from the University of Colorado found that a cat can move more than 200 meters (482 feet) in about 20 seconds.

This is not quite fast enough for a human, but it is fast enough to outrun most other animals, according to scientists.

A cat can also travel at speeds that are several times faster than a human can run.


Cats have a super-sharp, laser-sharp tongue: While most of us might think that a dog or cat would have a really short tongue, a study conducted by the University, Washington University, and the University at Buffalo found that the tongue of a cat has a sharper, more focused edge than a dog’s tongue.

It is also longer than a typical dog’s, but only by about a third of a centimeter (less than a quarter inch).

The result is that a large portion of a typical cat’s tongue is sharp, while the edges are softer and not as sharp.

A human would have to spend about 20 minutes to sharpen their tongue with a laser pointer.


Cats can see in the dark: Cats are known to be incredibly intelligent, and they have been known to recognize and respond to objects in darkness.

A study published in the journal PLOS One showed that they are able to recognize objects at night and to be able to accurately distinguish shapes and colors in the darkness.


Cats really love their water: Cats love water, and in fact, they can even eat water that’s not theirs.

They are so obsessed with it that they spend up to two weeks on the hunt for it, according a study published by the British Journal of Veterinary Science.


Cats don’t need food: Cats have been observed to drink from water bottles, and that can be even more interesting because of the fact that they don’t have teeth.

However, a new study by researchers at the University and the Max Planck Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research found that cats do not have to eat food for it to be delicious, and instead, they just want to drink it. 7.

Cats love to hunt: Cats, like dogs, are known for their hunting prowess.

A large percentage of their diet is meat, but not all of it.

A recent study from University of Wisconsin, Madison, found that just one of each species of cat is able to eat a large percentage in one sitting.


Cats like to hang out with people: A large number of studies have shown that cats like to socialize with humans.

A 2007 study from Duke University found that even though cats do like to spend time with humans, they actually prefer to stay with their human companions for longer periods of time, such as a year or more.


Cats actually like to be fed: A recent paper published in Science by researchers from the Harvard Medical School and the National Institutes of Health found that both cats and dogs are capable of learning to taste and process food.


Cats live in large colonies: Some studies have found that if you live with a cat for more than 10 years, you will start to get used to how the cat acts, according the Daily Mail.

That means that the cats will get used, and learn, to do things that humans have learned.


Cats play the piano, too: Cats can be considered the world leader in the piano playing game, as the study published on Science showed that cats can play a piano as well as humans can.


Cats use their tail to pull things off objects: Cats also use their tails to pull objects off of things, like a tree branch, and also pull objects to them, according research published in PLOS ONE.


Cats do not bite or sting people: Cats do, but most of the time, they don´t.

In a study presented at the 2017 International Conference on the Evolution of Behavioral Ecology in Singapore, researchers from Wageningen University and Wageninger University found a study in which a cat grabbed a person and then pulled him or her

The 10 best Indian restaurants and bars around

You may have heard of the ‘silly Indian’ who makes Indian dishes with an Indian flavour, but do you know the best Indian eateries around the country?

Here are 10 of them.1.

The Indian Dosa House in New Delhi, India (4 stars)This is the quintessential Indian restaurant and bar in the city.

You can order the ‘dosa’ with coconut milk, naan bread and rice, which is the best thing to do on any day in India.

It’s also a great place to eat if you’re looking for a place to meet with friends and get some inspiration.

It also has a fantastic ambience, which you won’t find in other Indian restaurants.2.

Keshav’s in Hyderabad, IndiaOne of the most famous restaurants in Hyderabadi, Keshava’s serves authentic Indian dishes and is one of the best restaurants in the entire city.

If you want to have a good time, you can order a ‘sangal’ of ‘panchak’ which is a special Indian dish with chopped meat, vegetables and vegetables and other dishes.

The restaurant is also known for its unique decor and the fact that it has a great menu.3.

Kashi in Mumbai, IndiaAnother popular restaurant in Mumbai with a beautiful, modern ambience and great food, Kashi serves the best and most authentic Indian food.

Their specialties include a wide range of dishes including a lot of vegetarian dishes and many of them are accompanied by good local drinks.4.

Ramanjani in Hydera, IndiaA well-known Indian restaurant in Hyderatabad, Ramanjaani has a very good selection of traditional Indian dishes including chicken, beef and seafood dishes.

Their dishes are a great way to meet new friends.5.

The Green Spot in Delhi, DelhiOne of Mumbai’s most popular restaurants, The Green spot is a popular place to grab a meal at anytime, particularly if you want something in between lunch and dinner.

It has a large selection of Indian dishes such as fish and lamb.

It is also popular with couples who like to sit in a close-knit circle of friends and share a meal.6.

Kalyan in Pune, IndiaAn Indian restaurant that is a must-see if you go to Pune and wants to eat a delicious meal.

You’ll find the most authentic food, fresh vegetables, and the best desserts.

The place is known for being a place where you can try all kinds of Indian cuisine, which includes banh chod, chow mein, and even a curry-based dessert called kababs.7.

Bhabha Bhaskar in New York City, New YorkThere’s something for everyone in this popular Indian restaurant.

They serve a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, which are also great for those with a sweet tooth.

It can also be a good place to have lunch or dinner, as they offer various vegetarian and gluten-free options.8.

Bistro Kale in MumbaiThe best Indian restaurant around, Bistrot Kale is the first place you’ll go if you have a craving for a vegetarian or vegan meal.

Their menu is very diverse, including some of the world’s best dishes, like a traditional Indian vegetarian dish called ‘chola kadai’.9.

Bani Bar in Hydergarh, IndiaThis is another popular Indian eatery, and it’s very popular in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Their vegetarian dishes are really good, and they also serve a lot that’s a bit more traditional in terms of Indian flavours.

You will find a great selection of snacks and snacks like kofta and kofti, which comes with a variety of flavours.10.

Travistas in MumbaiOne of Bombay’s most famous Indian restaurants, Travista is a famous place for the best vegetarian and meat-free food.

They have a very wide range, from vegetarian and veggie dishes like naan to the best lamb dishes and fish.11.

Tarni Bar in PuducherryThis is a vegetarian restaurant in Puddahalli.

It serves vegetarian and vegetarian-only dishes like ‘tarni’ and ‘kavana’.12.

Nanda in Mumbai The restaurant here is very popular with locals and tourists.

It features a very modern and contemporary ambience.13.

Tandoor in Hyderagarh, HyderabadAnother Indian restaurant, Tandur in Hyderagarh has a huge selection of vegan and vegetarian food and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the dishes.14.

Nandi in MumbaiThis Indian restaurant is famous for its vegetarian food.

You won’t have any trouble ordering any vegetarian food at this restaurant.15.

Jeeva in MumbaiA vegetarian restaurant near the Taj Mahal, this is a very popular Indian food spot for the people who like a good meal and a good atmosphere.16.

D’Aura in MumbaiAnother