New ‘tomb raider’ style wall lamp goes viral

TechRadars article Techradar – New ‘rampant’ style ‘tummy tuck’ lamp has gone viral on the internet.

A couple of people on the Australian social media platform Reddit started an online petition calling for the lamp to be removed from the wall of the Victorian town of Marrickville, where the lamp was installed.

“This is a classic example of the trend of ‘tumbling’ and ‘pushing down’ the body,” one of the petitioners, who goes by the username Babs, wrote.

“The Tummy Tuck is an old-fashioned, one-piece lamp, meaning it is designed to wrap around the lower part of the torso, so as to keep the lower half of the body out of the way of the wind.”

While there are more than two million Tummy Tulks on the Internet, the one above is still the most popular.

The thread on Reddit attracted more than 2,200 signatures.

“I have had my own Tummy tucks for years, and always thought the idea of using them to protect the body was cute,” one commenter wrote.

But the lamp is controversial and some people say it is not a good idea.

“It does cause more harm than good,” one person wrote.

Another person wrote: “You can’t just pull the hood over your head and expect to be safe.”

One person commented on Reddit: “This guy needs to be arrested for the tucking up of the whole community.”

The Tummy tulke is an older style of lamp, and was first popularised in the 1970s.

“Tumblers have been around for decades and still have a lot of tradition in Australia,” a member of the town’s council told ABC News.

“People have had tumblers for years and still do.”

Mr Clements said the council was considering whether to take legal action.

“We are currently looking into it,” he said.

‘Hottest baby names in 2017’ list: The most popular baby names for 2017 | Axios

The ‘Hottie’ baby name for 2018 is still dominating the charts.

It’s the name of a girl in India’s southern state of Kerala, whose mother is an actress and her father is an economist.

But it’s also a popular name for a boy.

And it’s the first to make it onto this year’s Top 100 list.

The boy’s name is “Kashmiri”, a boy’s nickname in India, and the girl’s is “Mohammad”.

The names of the top 10 are:Nirvana, a boy who is “a new breed of hero” (in the words of the New York Times), “a name that will forever be associated with his generation, his faith and his country” (ABC News).

Jebediah, the son of “the nation’s most famous and powerful politician, former governor of New Mexico and U.S. president” (New York Times).

Kashmira, “the most popular girl name for girls ages 6 to 10” (the Washington Post).

Hotties: The new baby names of 2018Top 100 Baby Names in 2017Baby names for the first time on the Top 100 in 2017.

The list of the most popular babies, based on data collected by BabyCenter, includes the top 100 names in 2018.

They include:Boomerang, a new boy name that is “the name of the star of an animated television show” (The New York Post).

The baby name of 2018 is “Chad”, which is the name given to the son in the movie “Frozen”, which was released in May.

The boy’s son is named “Chase”, which comes from the title of the Disney movie, “Chasing Mavericks”.

The boy named “Gangnam Style” (also spelled “Gantastic Style”) comes from an animated music video for the song.

The baby girl’s name “Catherine” is the “first” name of an Indian woman who is an advocate for gender equality.

The name is the daughter of a British businessman.

The names “Shirley” (pictured above) and “Tiffany” are from the name for the two sisters who were married in 2012.

The name of “Tina” is “one of the first names of a female college professor in the United States”, according to the Associated Press.

The son of the girl named “Shalane” is named Alonzo, who is the son-in-law of comedian Bill Maher.

The son of an African-American man named “Keith” was named “Kendrick” in honor of his mother, according to The Associated Press, and was named after the late rapper Killer Mike.

Baby names that have made it into the Top 200Baby names in 2019.

In 2019, there were three new boy names:Abdel, a baby name that was introduced in February, and Kama, which was introduced this month.

Abdel is an Egyptian boy name, meaning “son of a god” (CNN Money).

Kama is a Latin American boy name meaning “daughter of a goddess”.

Abdel’s name also has a Latin meaning “the first”.

Kama is an African American boy’s first name, according the AP.

The girl’s son, named Alvaro, is from Guatemala, and his name comes from a famous Mexican wrestler named Emilio Estevez.

Alvaros name comes out of a Spanish phrase, meaning, “God is on my side”.

The baby boy’s daughter, named Amil, is a Brazilian boy name.

Amil is a Portuguese boy name with a Latin origin meaning “father of a child”.

Amil’s name comes with an African African-African origin meaning, and it means “my father”.

Amilia is the Portuguese baby girl name of another Brazilian wrestler, Antonio Carlos Amil.

The first name of this boy is a “doll” (or a doll), according to NPR.

Baby name of 2019Baby names with the most popularityBaby names featuring the most names.

The most popular boy’s names are “Bryce” (with 1,879,000 first-name and maiden names) and Bryce Jr. (with 588,000), and the most Popular girl’s names “Abby” (1,065,000) and Abigail (1) are both named after two famous women, actress and activist Gloria Steinem and her daughter Abigale.

Bryce is the first name in the list for girls aged 6 to 11.

Abigael is a girl’s first and last name.

The two girls are not related by blood, but they share the same first and middle names.

Abigail is the girl with the longest first name (18.2 million).

Abigael’s name means “great daughter” (as in “great wife”).

Abigala is the boy’s last name with the

Which NHL players should you invest in?

NHL players are among the most important players in the league, and this week, we asked readers to share their top picks for the best investments they would make in the future.

We’re betting that these players are well-positioned to make a big jump in their careers.

But before you do, read on for our picks for these players who could become stars of tomorrow. 


Chris Stewart (BOS) In his rookie season, Stewart became the first goalie in NHL history to record at least 50 wins and 20 shutouts.

He also became the youngest goalie to win a Vezina Trophy, becoming the youngest goaltender to win the Conn Smythe Trophy as the NHL’s top goaltender.

Stewart’s consistency is also unmatched by any other goaltender.

The 6-foot-1, 205-pounder is in the top five in the NHL in wins, saves and goals-against average.

In 2017-18, Stewart was named the Vezna Trophy finalist and the Hart Trophy finalists for the third straight year.

The Boston native is an excellent fit for an elite team like the Flyers, who desperately need an upgrade in goal.

Stewart is the perfect guy to play alongside Claude Giroux, who has emerged as one of the league’s best goalies.

Stewart also is a great fit for a contender like the Ducks. 


Tyler Seguin (COL) Seguins emergence is the key to his future success.

His play has been a huge part of the Bruins’ rise this season, and it has been made even more impressive by his emergence in the playoffs.

In six postseason games, Seguino has posted a 3.11 goals-per-game average and is tied for second in the League with 10 shutouts in those games.

That is an astounding rate, but he has a chance to go even higher if he stays healthy.

In addition to his goals, Seggin is a tremendous puck-moving defenseman who has developed into a legitimate threat when playing in front of Giroux.

He has the potential to be a top-four defender in the long term. 


Mattias Janmark (COL, NYI) It is difficult to imagine the Flyers not adding an elite goaltender with their first-round pick, and that is exactly what they did.

The team is already in the thick of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and it looks like the future of goalie Connor Hellebuyck is in store for the rest of the year.

In fact, the Flyers could be looking to add a goaltender for their third-round selection.

That prospect is 19-year-old Janmark, who is currently the youngest player in the NCAA (he turns 20 on Feb. 27).

He is a smart, skilled goalie who will be a good fit in Philadelphia. 


Connor Carrick (CHI) One of the best players in Chicago’s system, the 23-year old Carrick is one of only two goaltenders in the organization to be named the League’s top goalie.

He was the NHL Rookie of the Year in 2017-2018 and also has five shutouts on the year, including one in the Stanley War Memorial final.

In 2018-19, he was named a finalist for the Veza Cup, the Hart Memorial Trophy and the Conn Cup. 


Connor Murphy (ARI) Murphy is a young goaltender who has a strong foundation of work ethic.

He earned his first NHL shutout in November 2017, when he played the final four games of the season with a fractured collarbone.

He will turn 20 on April 29.

Murphy is an elite goaltending prospect, and he is ready to go for the Flyers in 2019-20. 


Ryan Miller (COL/DET) Miller is another goaltender who could go far this season.

The 24-year the Philadelphia Flyers acquired Miller from the Dallas Stars in the 2019 NHL Draft is expected to be the team’s No. 1 goalie.

Miller is a veteran with a wealth of experience, and the Flyers should be thrilled to have him on board.

He is also a solid puck-mover and can also provide good leadership. 


Ben Bishop (SJS) Bishop was the first NHL goalie selected in the first round of the 2020 NHL Draft, and while he hasn’t played an NHL game, he is a dynamic talent who could provide great value to the Flyers.

He signed a one-year, $3.3 million contract with the Flyers during the offseason.

Bishop is a solid, consistent puck-handler who will likely be a solid partner for Giroux in Philadelphia, which could allow the young forward to develop into a dominant goal-scorer. 


Matt Beleskey (BUF) Belesky’s emergence this season has been remarkable.

He became the second goalie in league history to win both the Vezlich Trophy and Hart Memorial in 2017.

He finished second in goals-allowed per game in

What you need to know about outdoor lighting

On Wednesday, an avalanche of news reports claimed that the Indian army had deployed a new kind of roadside beacon, a small handheld device with a bulb on the end.

The device is not an ordinary light.

Instead, it emits a laser beam, which can illuminate objects in the area.

It is a new generation of roadside lamps and could potentially have a major impact on the safety of pedestrians.

The army has said that it is in the early stages of testing this new technology, which could save lives and improve visibility at the roadside.

The military said it had sent three units of the 5-star Indian Army to the field.

They were sent to conduct tests and field trials.

The army did not disclose the cost of the deployment.

But this is not the first time that the army has deployed a roadside beacon.

The technology has been used by the police in some states.

Last month, a police officer was killed in a similar incident.

In November, a military helicopter crashed in the same state, killing six people.

The new technology is still in its testing phase.

But experts say that it will make life safer for pedestrians.

A recent study by the Centre for Research on Technology and Society in New Delhi, which examined roadside lamps deployed in urban areas, found that they could improve visibility in two to five years.

The technology is currently being tested in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

The Army’s 1st Battalion, 2nd Mechanised Infantry Regiment has been conducting trials in the region since March.

The troops are based in the town of Rani in the state’s western Badarpur district.

The 2nd Battalion is also based in Badarpus.

How to turn your home’s bathroom into an internet hotspot

In my home, the internet has never been the same.

I used to think my roommates were just using it for Skype, or my parents would just watch Netflix on the couch.

When I got my first smartphone, I thought that my internet would be just fine.

But I realized that my friends, family, and coworkers used it for everything.

And now I’m learning how to turn my bedroom into a hotspot for the internet.

How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Hotspot for The Internet:

How to use antique lamps

A few years ago, I had an antique lamp and I wanted to learn more about it.

I was also looking for something that was a little more light-sensitive.

After reading an article about antique lamps I decided to check it out.

There are many different brands of antique lamps available in India.

I purchased a small lamp called a M.C.N.S.A. from the shop I work in and put it on the wall.

The M.


N.’s are made of brass and have a small, rectangular bulb that has a diameter of 10mm.

I bought the M.


A., which has a bulb that is 2mm in diameter.

The bulb is coated with a coating that allows it to emit light at different wavelengths.

The bulbs I chose had the following characteristics: Aperture: 50mm (or 25mm if you have a higher magnification) The light from the bulb can be adjusted to whatever brightness you want.

This is because you can adjust the brightness of the light by moving the wand or adjusting the dial.

Color: White, silver, black, brown, or whatever you want There are also the various colors.

For example, there is a light that has an orange tint and a dark green tint.

The light is not quite as bright as a regular lamp but the intensity of the glow makes it easy to see.

The beam is very thin, making it easier to see even under a bright light.

It has a low, steady beam.

The color of the beam is white.

The illumination is much better than that of a regular candle.

There is a very small amount of reflectance, so the light will still be visible to people with low-vision.

The brightness is also very good and it is bright enough to be easily seen under a dark sky.

It is very good for those who have a very hard time seeing in the dark.

The lamp will last a long time.

The price is very reasonable.

It’s about 500 rupees ($8.80).

If you have any questions about the M/N/S.S., you can ask me in the comments below.

This lamp is a little smaller than a regular old lamp, so it can be used on a wall.

I also tried the lamp at home with the help of the help from a friend of mine.

He also bought it and I gave it to him to try out.

He loved it, so I think he’ll be a good owner.

I’m not sure if I’ll be buying a M/S again, but this was definitely an interesting experience.

This article is part of a series on antique lamps that will continue to be updated and updated.

You can also find articles on antique lamp design, lamps, and more on our blog.

Lava Lamp Bong (Photo)

An old fashioned portable water pipe from the 1950s is on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The water pipe is a relic of an era when people still drank a lot of water and enjoyed drinking it cold.

The piece, which is on loan from the LACMA, is the second-longest portable water bottle in the world.

It is named after Lachlan Thomas, who spent much of his life in the Los Angles area as a child.

He spent a lot time with his father in the L.A. area.

He was a talented sailor, and he had a lot to learn about shipbuilding.

He also was a pioneer in the development of a water bottle for the American home.

He started a family, Thomas said, but his wife and children were not happy.

When he died in 2002, he left his son a few dollars in his will.

The LACME wants to give Thomas’s pipe a new lease on life and make it available to anyone who wants to share it with their family.

The pipe is made from the original black plastic and has a vintage-looking handle.

There is also a brass bowl, a bottle opener, a tube, and a small screwdriver, among other items.

The glass and metal are in a special “pewter condition,” meaning the glass is smooth and clear.

“He spent his life working on this pipe and he wanted it to have a permanent place in his collection,” said curator of contemporary art Chris Leventhal.

The museum is selling the pipe on eBay for $4,500, or about $5,000.

Leventha said he hopes the auction will raise money for the Lachdan Thomas Family Foundation, which has raised more than $15,000 to preserve the pipe.

“It’s really just a piece of history,” he said.

“I’ve been collecting pipes for 30 years.

It’s the only pipe that I know that I can say I got it for.”

The Lachdaan Thomas Pipe was discovered at the Huntington Beach, Calif., home of Lachlin Thomas, whose mother died when he was just two years old.

Thomas lived with his parents and brother, who ran the house, and his mother until her death in 2007.

He began working at the LACE factory in California in 1952, after which he returned to the LCA.

In addition to the water pipe, the museum has a variety of other artifacts that were once made by the Lace factory.

“This is one of the few pieces of LACE history,” said museum director Michael O’Sullivan.

“We’re hoping to bring this back into the community and give it a permanent home.”

O’Shea said the Lachesons have kept the pipe and the family in the public eye.

“The pipe is one piece of a family legacy that’s still going strong,” he added.

The lachlan was named after his father.

Thomas said the pipe was originally named for his mother, Lachtaan.

He said his mother was a young woman who would not be able to speak English, but he would take care of her by singing to her, and she loved it.

He used the water bottle to clean her nails.

She died about four years after his mother’s death.

Thomas plans to have the pipe restored to its original state when it is released from the museum.

He plans to take the pipe home and keep it in his house in Lachland, N.C. The family plans to auction off the pipe to raise money to help the foundation.

“A lot of people were kind of shocked,” said O’Hea.

“They think that we are going to just throw it away.”

The new cool floor lamp has a name: Cool Floor Lamp Source Recode

Cool Floor Lamps has a new name: The Cool Floor Light, according to its Twitter feed.

Cool Floor’s tweet reads: We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Cool Floor.

The new Cool Floor is a cool floor light that comes with a variety of cool accessories and a range of LED lights.

We’ve got tons of cool ideas and you’re in luck.

We’re also introducing you to our new LED lighting for your home that will be coming to your home soon.

We can’t wait to share more information with you about these and other cool cool lights and accessories.

We are excited to launch our new lighting in partnership with the brand that’s already in the home.

We hope you love the new cool light.

Cool Lights