How to make a ‘hot’ mercury lamp

Lamps, including the one used in the video, are now on sale on eBay.

A few days ago, the seller on Etsy called it a ‘vintage hot mercury lamp.’

This is a very hot mercury lamps.

It’s a hot mercury.

I know you can get them on ebay, but do they sell it?


They’re very hard to come by.

But I can get the same lamp at a reasonable price on Amazon.

So I can find a very nice lamp, that I can afford to use for many years.

I think I would love to be able to do that. 

I would like to get a little bit of a ‘taste’ of that, if you will. 

You have a very good reason for wanting to make these.

The price is right.

The quality is excellent.

The time you spend on them, the energy they take up, is worthwhile.

I am looking for a lamp that I am able to enjoy for many decades.

It’s a very special lamp.

I don’t think there is another lamp like it out there.

I’m very happy to be getting it.