Night lamp, bedroom table lamps are back in RTE’s coverage

RTE has carried the new evening light fixture for over a year.

The RTE coverage of the night lamp was first reported by the Sunday Independent.

The night lamp is a low-power electric light fixture designed to replace older and often expensive night light fixtures.

The latest version is a compact electric bulb with a power output of about 60 watts and a light output of 2.5 watts.

The lighting fixture is available in two different styles.

The first style features a dimmer switch that turns on the night light when it is turned on.

It can also be used as a night light for a small bedroom.

The second style features an electric switch that allows the lamp to turn off when it has been turned off.

The electric night light is available for about $180, a little more than the price of a new LED lamp.

There are a number of other night lamp features available including a switch that automatically turns on or off the light when a person turns their head, a timer that automatically changes the dimmer, a lamp that dims or lights up when the switch is pressed, and a timer for dimming or setting the light level.

The new lighting fixture can be installed in the night room or the bedroom, and is expected to be a hit with people looking for a light source at night.

However, the new fixture is also available in an earlier version and can be used in a number places in the home.

The evening lamp is one of the more expensive products in the market and the cost is also higher than the night bulb, which is also the most expensive light fixture in the country.RTE is the Irish news channel of RTE, the broadcaster of RTÉ and other public broadcaster channels.

It is owned by RTE Ltd.