What you need to know about outdoor lighting

On Wednesday, an avalanche of news reports claimed that the Indian army had deployed a new kind of roadside beacon, a small handheld device with a bulb on the end.

The device is not an ordinary light.

Instead, it emits a laser beam, which can illuminate objects in the area.

It is a new generation of roadside lamps and could potentially have a major impact on the safety of pedestrians.

The army has said that it is in the early stages of testing this new technology, which could save lives and improve visibility at the roadside.

The military said it had sent three units of the 5-star Indian Army to the field.

They were sent to conduct tests and field trials.

The army did not disclose the cost of the deployment.

But this is not the first time that the army has deployed a roadside beacon.

The technology has been used by the police in some states.

Last month, a police officer was killed in a similar incident.

In November, a military helicopter crashed in the same state, killing six people.

The new technology is still in its testing phase.

But experts say that it will make life safer for pedestrians.

A recent study by the Centre for Research on Technology and Society in New Delhi, which examined roadside lamps deployed in urban areas, found that they could improve visibility in two to five years.

The technology is currently being tested in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

The Army’s 1st Battalion, 2nd Mechanised Infantry Regiment has been conducting trials in the region since March.

The troops are based in the town of Rani in the state’s western Badarpur district.

The 2nd Battalion is also based in Badarpus.