How to get a ‘cool’ floor lamp shade for $150

Wal-Mart’s new Floor Lamp Shade is now available for $149 at the company’s online store.

The new shade is a glass shade that comes with a cool white light bulb.

It’s also available for pre-order for $49.99.

The glass shade is not an ‘artificial light’ as the company claims, instead it’s a new type of lightbulb that comes in glass and plastic versions.

“With the cool lightbulbs, we’re able to offer customers the option to get the full value of a new LED lamp for just $149,” a spokesperson told Mashable.

“As a result, our customers are getting an incredible savings on the new LED floor lamp shades, and the savings on these are significant as well.”

If you’re interested in the cool lamp shades at Wal-Marts, you can read more about the new shade at the Wal-mart blog.

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