The world’s best wooden lamps

Polygon: We’ve been obsessing over the world’s greatest wooden lamps for years, and we’ve been getting some really good ones.

These are not the only wooden lamps to get the attention they deserve, but they are certainly the best we’ve seen.

Here are 10 of them, with their best-looking designs, their best features, and the best price tags.1.

The Lamps of the Great Old Ones by Thomas Meehan – $4,5002.

The Wood Lamp of the Year by Frank Lloyd Wright – $2,7003.

The Wicker Lamp of The Sun – $3,2004.

The Wooden Lamp of St. Peter by Peter Stuyvesant – $5,5005.

The Old Wood Lamp by Thomas Jefferson – $1,6006.

The Original Wood Lamp – $11,5007.

The St. Paul’s Lamp of England – $12,5008.

The Lamp of Ancient Egypt – $20,0009.

The Golden Lamp by Henry David Thoreau – $6,40010.

The Bronze Lamp of Egypt by Alexander the Great – $9,600