Google says it will allow manufacturers to sell the cheapest industrial table lamps

Google has confirmed that it will permit companies to sell low-cost lamps in its home and office apps. 

Industrial table lamps are a common sight in the office, but Google’s decision to allow manufacturers of this lamp type to sell them for around $200 is an important move.

The change could be of benefit to people who are already spending more than the cost of a low-end lamp, and those who have found the price of the cheap lamps too high. 

A Google spokesperson said that “we’re exploring other options” to allow the low-price lamp market, such as “lower-priced lamp” products. 

This move follows a recent announcement from Amazon that it was going to allow companies to make low-priced lamps for $300. 

According to Google, the “low-price lamps” will be available in Google Play and the Amazon appstore, and they will come with a 3-month free trial.

The Google spokesperson did not give a time frame for when these low-prices would be available, and whether they would be priced in dollars or cents.

Google previously said that the lamps would be offered to companies in its developer community, but this announcement came after it announced that it had made a move to allow low-value, but higher-quality, lamps to be made. 

Google’s move to support low- and high-quality lamps comes just weeks after Google announced that Google Play would now allow developers to add new lamp brands, including the more affordable “high-quality” lamps. 

Low-cost industrial table lamps are available at Amazon for around US$25-$35, while the Amazon lamp will be sold for $350, which Google says will allow people to “buy low, sell high”. 

Source: TechCrunch