New York City’s homeless are making art with lava lamps

New York’s homeless have been making a living out of the city’s most famous street art, using a simple lava lamp to brighten their day. 

The lamps, known as  homemade  lava lamps, have become a common fixture in the city as they have become an important part of the homeless community’s social fabric. 

Lava lamps are often placed in public spaces, such as parks, in hopes that they will spark a conversation.

The lamps are a temporary light source and are often made from recycled materials. A single  lamb is placed in the lamp, and the flame is then directed into the lamp’s source.

The lamp then lights up in the center of the street and a light source is set in the middle of the sidewalk.

New Yorkers have long been known for their DIY approach to lighting, and they continue to use the lamps in public places, especially in parks, to promote social justice.

But, this latest experiment, which has been in progress for a year, has inspired some city officials to take action.

In an effort to make a positive impact, a group of artists, including the artist known as Killa The Clown, have created two new homemade lava lamps that are part of a larger effort to change the culture around the homeless.

This week, the artist is going to donate the lamps to the city and make them available to anyone who needs one.

Killa is an artist who is known for creating a vibrant and colorful mural, called “The Jungle,” in Central Park.

He was inspired by the history of the encampments and how they are still part of New York and have been for generations.

“When I painted the mural I wanted to show the community and the history behind the encampment,” Killa said.

As a part of his art project, Killa’s team took inspiration from a video posted by Occupy Wall Street.

While the encampings in New York are still alive and well, they are largely forgotten, and so this new effort is a way for the city to remember the lives that have been lost.

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