‘Taller’ IKEA lamp shades get taller with ‘cushion’

Taller lamps are no longer just for taller people.

They’re now being marketed as a way to help prevent or treat depression. 

ikeas lamp shades ikelanser.com ikeawatches.com The IKEa Lamp Shade Suite has come a long way in the last few years.

 Its not just about how you look though, as the company is also marketing the new shades to help those who are at a higher risk of depression.

 “These shades are a little more durable and will help protect your eyes from the sun,” the company says on the IKEa website.

“The cushion on the back of the shades helps protect the eyes and the cushion on your hands and feet will protect your hands, feet and neck from bumps and cold.”

The shade is made from a fabric that has been used in the past to protect furniture and other items from being dropped.

The cushion is made of silicone that is also found in a number of products.

It has also been said that the shade is more absorbent than regular fabric and that it also absorbs moisture and dirt better than regular shades.

In terms of durability, the shades are made from polyester and polypropylene.

As for the cushions themselves, the company claims the cushioned shade will last for 20,000 cycles.

There is no word on when they will be available to purchase.

IKEA is not the only company to have made changes to the Luminous Design range recently.

Recently, the British firm Towson released an aluminium reflective coat, which was also designed to help protect against the sun.

Towdsons cushions are currently available for £50 each.

Like the IKEas, the reflective coat is made out of aluminium.

And, as with the lamp shades, there is no doubt the company hopes the cushion will last as long as the shades. 

“The cushions will last indefinitely,” Ikea said in a statement.

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